Jewelry Care Tips 

I want your jewelry to be wearable and well-loved, and strive to design pieces you can love for years to come.

That said, as with most treasured things in life, it does require a little love and care to keep it shiny and fresh.

Jewelry isn't 100% indestructible. Avoid wearing jewelry in the water or to bed to ensure durability. Brass and Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. We recommend using a soft polishing cloth to bring it back its original shiny luster.

Keep your silver bright and shiny with a gentle polishing cloth and a little bit of baking soda (note: don't use baking soda to clean goldfill — it will likely scratch).

While natural tarnish and oxidizing can create a lovely look on sterling silver, it's best to avoid keeping silver pieces in humid environments or in the same storage case as other metals to prevent tarnishing from happening too quickly.

Put on your jewelry as your last step to getting gussied up for the day. I say this not be overly prescriptive about your morning routine, but simply to help you help minimize exposure to lotions, potions and perfumes. Even my favorite natural, plant-based products can speed up tarnishing and make softer stones lose their luster.

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