frequently asked questions



who creates this jewelry?

Amanda Pehrson is the sole designer and creator of all Fancy Boheme jewelry. Each piece is concepted, sketched, designed and created in her home studio in Five Points, Denver. All pieces are made with love.

will your jewelry irritate my skin?

fancy boheme jewelry is made from mainly 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill and recycled sterling silver, all of which is contains no nickel or lead (common irritants you'll find in plated jewelry).

All ear wires are either gold fill or sterling silver, neither of which is known to cause sensitivities. You'll find the specific metals used for each piece on their individual pages.

what is gold fill? is it plated or solid gold?

Goldfill is not the same as gold-plated. plated metals are commonly irritating metals (such as nickel) that have been coated in a very thin later of gold, causing the jewelry to tarnish, discolor the skin, and otherwise wear very quickly.

Goldfill and rose goldfill is different, and unlike plated jewelry, will last decades if taken care of(see more on jewelry care tips here). Solid gold is pressure-bonded with heat to a very thin layer of solid brass, which creates durability within an otherwise soft metal, and allows jewelry designers to use less gold (which is less demanding for our mines, the humans who work in them and in turn, the earth!)

Because the layer of brass is so thin, and gold is naturally tarnish-resistant, you won't ever see the brass layer — everything that you see and touch is solid gold. Just be sure to give your goldfill a gentle polish with a soft cloth, avoid abrasive polishing and harsh chemicals. 

where does your sterling silver come from?

all silver jewelry by fancy boheme is made of sterling silver, which is 100% recycled and domestically sourced. Keep your silver bright and shiny with a gentle polishing cloth and a little bit of baking soda (note: don't use baking soda to clean goldfill — it will likely scratch). While natural tarnish and oxidizing can create a lovely look on sterling silver, it's best to avoid keeping silver pieces in humid environments or in the same storage case as other metals to prevent tarnishing from happening too quickly.

where do you get your stones?

fancy boheme uses a mix of lab-grown stones and natural gemstones mined mainly from the United States. We strive to use gemstones that have a clear, direct and documentable path from mine to stone cutter to ensure standards for worker safety and environmental protection are a priority.

Our internationally-sourced materials support the communities where they originate from, sourced from stone-cutters & mines that support the small villages and communities that surround them. 

soft elements & animal products

All silk elements are sourced from women-owned businesses in India.

Fancy Boheme also uses primarily vegan suedes, with a mix of high-quality natural leathers that are 100% recycled from scrap. 

All feathers are hand-dyed, cruelty-free and naturally molted. No animals are harmed exclusively for their feathers.

how do I care for my jewelry?

Jewelry is not indestructible. Take care to avoid sleeping in your jewelry, swimming in it, and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals. Learn more about jewelry care here.

My ring or bracelet doesn't fit quite the way I'd hoped! What do I do?

Whether it's too snug, or a wee bit too loose, I'm happy to re-size your ring or bracelet for free on a one-time basis. Please see more information on how to get this process started here.

what sort of jewelry packaging do you use for mailing?

I use only post consumer recycled and biodegradable materials when shipping, and recycled and biodegradable shopping bags when at in-person events. To save paper, a receipt is typically not included in your order (more info on returns and exchanges here). A muslin bag is included to keep your jewelry safe when traveling or storing.

If your jewelry purchase is a gift and you would like for me to include a handwritten message and bow, please let me know in the Comments section at checkout.

All orders are shipped via USPS, and most packages are small enough to fit in your mailbox or slot.

do you do custom work?

Sometimes! While it can be enticing to take on as many new projects as I can dream up with customers I love, at this stage of Fancy Boheme, custom work is accepted on a very limited basis.

If Fancy Boheme is not able to accommodate a custom request, fret not! It just means at that given moment, I'm sticking to my current production schedule, which is built with the purpose of creating as many new gems for fb customers to choose from as possible.  

If you're interested in a custom piece, please fill out our Custom Inquiry form, and I'll be in touch!

where is your store located?

At this time, Fancy Boheme does not have a bricks and mortar store (it's a dream, someday!), so the best way to shop the widest selection of pieces is here online.

Fancy Boheme Jewelry is also carried in select small, independent shops all over the Denver metro area. To find a store near you, visit our Stockists page.

Fancy Boheme can also be found some small maker events around Denver. Find more about our local pop-ups here.

I'm in Denver too — can I just come pick up my order?

For privacy reasons, I'm unable to accommodate in-person pickups from my home studio. Fret not! Domestic shipping is always free, and it's super easy to pop in the mail for you. If you do need your jewelry in a pinch, please send me a note at to inquire about a rush order with in-person delivery.

do you charge sales tax?

Yes. Colorado State Sales Tax (which is currently 2.9%) is added to applicable orders. 

how will I know when you come out with new stuff?

So glad you want to stay in the loop! You can sign up for our emails on this page.

i'm interested in carrying fancy boheme in my store.

I would love to hear from you! Please email me at for more information.