Lab-Grown Ruby Baby Circle Ring

Lab-Grown Ruby Baby Circle Ring


A juicy, round lab-grown ruby is set in a riveted-texture band.

Did you know? Lab-created gemstones are grown in hyper-controlled conditions within a laboratory that replicate the Earth’s exact environment (down to the pressure and temperature) in which natural gemstones and precious diamonds grow. The end result is a stone that contains the exact same chemical composition and physical properties as those found in nature — without the human and environmental costs associated with the mining industry.

  • stone size measures 4mm

  • available in 14k goldfill or sterling silver

  • made by hand in Denver, Colorado

  • all fancy boheme jewelry is non-allergenic: it contains no nickel or lead

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Things to know: all pieces are handmade in Denver, Colorado from domestically sourced and/or recycled materials and are made without nickel or lead.