Wanderlust Vintage Coin Necklace

Wanderlust Vintage Coin Necklace


A vintage 1950's Kuchi coin hangs from a glimmering goldfill ball chain. This Wanderlust Coin Necklace can be worn as sparkling daily reminder of our own modern wanderlust; the ability to lose and find oneself over and over again in our daily lives. Fabulous when layered with other shorter necklaces or with a breezy sundress.

Did you know? These vintage coins come from the Kuchi people, a nomadic group of Pashtun people from Afghanistan. The name Kuchi (or Kochi) translates to 'migration' and represents the nomadic lifestyle lead by this group of gypsies a midcentury Middle East.

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Things to know: all pieces are handmade in Denver, Colorado from domestically sourced and/or recycled materials and are made without nickel or lead.